IT Empathy ® Podcast Season 1, Episode 3: Platforms for innovation


IT Empathy ® Podcast Season 1, Episode 3

Platforms for Innovation

Hosted by Jon Bailey, IT Empathy ®

Published • 26th September 2023

This IT Empathy ® podcast is designed to highlight the critical role of platforms for innovation strategy and transforming problems and failure into solutions.

1. Introduction.

Welcome to the IT Empathy ® podcast https://www.itempathy.com/podcast

About IT Empathy ® https://www.itempathy.com/about

2. The importance of of increasing luck

3. Embrace thinking out load

4. Failure labs/embracing failure

5. Culture of creative freedom

6. Fun wins straight away

7. Platform for innovation examples

8. Gaming leads the way with innovation

9. Less is more strategy

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