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Published: 11.08.2020

EPOS EXPAND 80T bluetooth speakerphone
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EPOS Audio has introduced the EXPAND 80T speakerphone


Unite colleagues with a premium, scalable Bluetooth® speakerphone for up to 16 in-room participants. Be heard thanks to six adaptive, beamforming microphones that isolate voices from room reverb and ambient noise. A superior speaker for rich, natural sound.

What's in the box

EPOS EXPAND 80T bluetooth speakerphone box
EPOS EXPAND 80T bluetooth speakerphone open box
EPOS EXPAND 80T bluetooth speakerphone cables
EPOS EXPAND 80T bluetooth speakerphone

Key features

• Echo cancelling

• Simply connect with Bluetooth using your smartphone or tablet

• Get your message through with EPOS Voice™

• Rich, natural sound

• Superior craftmanship, statement Scandinavian design

• Expand your meetings

• Set up your conference call in seconds


IT Empathy ® is a EPOS Audio partner



The sleek high-quality Scandinavian design stands out. This high quality design combined with innovative audio technology presents a use case for a socially distanced boardroom meeting. Just think of no more huddling around trying to be heard. Place this in the middle of a boardroom table and spread out with stress free business engagement. Additionally, another key benefit is the Microsoft Teams compatibility if you are a Microsoft house and want that remote working integration. Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Please get in touch for help with all things EPOS Audio via our contact page shown below.


Jon Bailey

Independent Consulting and Advisory

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