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Why Is Corporate Internet Expensive?



This is a simple analogy to explain why corporate Internet is typically more expensive than consumer home Internet broadband.


Imagine your own road between London and Birmingham. This is like corporate Internet and gives you fast, safe, reliable access at a guaranteed speed of 70 Mph in both directions. Nice, but quite expensive! But delivers incredible results and value for critical communications. Corporate Internet is analogous to a toll road where customers typically get extra charges in return for a much better transport experience.


Imagine driving to work on the M25 Motorway and one direction is fast and the other direction slow. This is like consumer home Internet or broadband of some kind. This road is easily available, but no guarantee exists to ensure your top speed of 70 Mph is achieved. This is like broadband and explains why it's relatively cheap.


You always get what you pay for with Internet Access. Get the right solution for the right requirement.

 Thank you for taking the time to read this article.

Jon Bailey

Independent Consulting and Advisory

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