IT Empathy ® Podcast S1 EP1: Introducing the IT Empathy podcast


IT Empathy ® Podcast Season 1, Episode 1

Introducing the IT Empathy Podcast

Hosted by Jon Bailey, IT Empathy ®

Published • 21st September 2023

This IT Empathy ® podcast is a general talk about IT, Technology, Gaming, AI, Cyber Security and some insights into future podcasts.

1. Introduction.

Welcome to the IT Empathy ® podcast https://www.itempathy.com/podcast

About IT Empathy ® https://www.itempathy.com/about

2. Learning lessons from Roblox and Minecraft gaming usability

3. Artificial Intelligence

4. Cyber Security

5. Ackowledgements and closing out the episode

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S1 EP1: Introducing the IT Empathy podcast


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