Cyber Security Services

Cyber Security

IT Empathy Limited partners with leading Cybersecurity companies to provide simple solutions to our customers.

Essential Cybersecurity Solutions

Cyber Essentials

Reassure your customers that you're working to secure your IT against cyber attack, ideal if you work with government.

Phishing: how to report to the NCSC

Discover how to report a potential phishing message to the NCSC using the Suspicious Email Reporting Service (SERS)

Advanced Cybersecurity Solutions

Centrally Manage Your Sophos Security from a Single Interface.

Sophos Central allows you to manage our award-winning Synchronized Security platform. Advanced attacks are more coordinated than ever before. Now, your defenses are too. Our revolutionary Security Heartbeatâ„¢ ensures your endpoint protection and firewall are talking to each other. It's a simple yet effective idea that means you get better protection against advanced threats and spend less time responding to incidents.

The World's Leading Provider of Gen V Cyber Security Solutions

Check Point Infinity architecture delivers consolidated Gen V cyber security across networks, cloud, and mobile environments.

Learn more about Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Research - Gartner

Gartner cybersecurity research helps IT security and risk management roles and those who cover the marketplace learn how innovative organizations are improving their security posture and more quickly detecting cybersecurity and cyber risk issues with new strategies, technologies and solutions.

Risk management guidance

Guidance to help organisations make decisions about cyber security risk.

Free Cybersecurity Solutions

Quad9 DNS: Internet Security and Privacy in a Few Easy Steps

Everything on the Internet, including websites, live at a numerical IP address. The Domain Name System, or DNS, translates these numerical IP addresses into human-readable domain names that we all know and remember. If your DNS settings are not working correctly, or you're still using defaults, you may be at risk for cybercrime and performance issues.

Home Cybersecurity Solutions

Sophos Home. Cybersecurity Made Simple for Home Computers.

Sophos Home is the security solution to defend all of your devices. From advanced ransomware protection to cutting-edge AI malware detection with deep learning, protect your devices from never-before-seen threats.



CyberEssentials Sophos Cloud Sevice Provider (CSP)

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